About us

Let’s dance? Lap dance? LES dance!

 Welcome to Dubai Lesbians’ home. This is where all the hottest parties in Dubai start and this is where the most amazing, open-minded and sexy girls decided to stay. We are proud to cooperate with some of the worlds’ craziest party animals that can make your every night incredible and your special event simply unforgettable.

For any decent party there is a need for top class entertainment to make it complete. And what would make for a great entertainment for an intense business meeting on the highest level? What would be the best way to vent all that stress? A hint: this is the same thing that is the crucial element of every decent bachelor party. It’s the best gift you can give to your friend getting hitched, celebrating some special anniversary, getting that promotion he’s been yearning for. Also the best gift you can give yourself for your special occasion or even for no apparent reason, just because it’s fun. Are you catching my drift now, friend? It’s  a girl-on-girl striptease and lap dance show, of course!

Why this is the best you can opt for? Well, any man would tell you there is no greater way to spend time than do it in a presence of stunning ladies with no inhibitions and a bit of a loose side to them. Seeing them twirl and bend over backwards to make you happy and enjoying them being completely obedient just for you and your friends is the way to go! And to make it even spicier, make them take care of each other for your pleasure. See them undress each other, rub their perfect bodies together, lick every sweet and wet corner of each other bodies and squeal with pleasure even before you lift a finger… No more need for foreplay! Let them do all the work and give you the spiciest, sexiest and tastiest show you could ask for.

And why should you choose us? Because we care. We care about those pussies being the best you can get, about them being always wet and ready and about you getting the best les show in Dubai. Oh, and of course because all our sweet girls are ready not only for each other’s tongues and fists, but also for your stiff cock to be jammed in any hole you desire. You can all get in on the action and touch, lick, squeeze and fuck everything you see. So far the only complaints we heard were in the line of “why isn’t there more places like that?!”

Hope to please you soon, my friend!